ALL ORDERS ARE MADE TO ORDER! If you have a specific dead line, please contact us before ordering.

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There are only 2 items in stock of the piece I want, can I order more?

Yes. Simply type in the quantity that you want and we will start production on your order. Please note, depending on how many additional items you order over the stock quantity, this will add a minimum of 3 days to the delivery time, in order to complete your order.

Can I get the item that I want done in high fire clay?

Yes, all items are available in high fire clay. On each page there is a drop down box where you should select high fire. Please note, you must select high fire for each product if you want all high fire items. Only selecting one item as high fire will not make the entire order high fire.

How often do you add new items?

New items are added on a constant basis. We have over 11,000 items and it takes time to get new items listed. We suggest that you sign up for an account and sign up for our newsletter. We try to get new items sent out in a newsletter when we add them. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

How do I attach a two piece tree? There is light showing where the parts meet?

Two and three section trees (tree w/ branch rings) can be attached together with a silicone caulk if you are painting your tree with an acrylic paint. If you feel that you HAVE to attach the base to the tree, we suggest silicone glue or pipers putty. These products will hold the base to the tree but will come apart in order to change the bulb.

How do I redeem a discount coupon?

Once you have finished shopping, continue to the check out section. During check out you will be able to type in your discount coupon code. If you would like to check your coupon, to see what it is good for or when it expires, go to the Discount Coupon page and enter your code.

What is the difference between low fire and high fire?

Low fire clays can be painted with acrylic paint and sealed or they can be painted with Mayco Stroke & Coat and be re-fired to cone 06. Low fire clays can not be fired with high temp glazes. If you plan to use a high fire glaze and fire to cone 6, you must purchase the product in high fire clay.

My shipping charges seam very high?

If the shipping estimator has returned a high shipping rate, please contact us before ordering. The USPS site does sometimes return rates that may be high. If you have already placed your order, we do refund any high shipping over charges.

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